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Visit Us

The Eastern Transport Collection Society welcomes visits from other organisations and groups of individuals who wish to view the Society's collection of vehicle and witness the restoration work first hand. The Society's site also contains a small museum, housing various memorabilia and ephemera associated to both the Society's history and that of the Eastern Counties Omnibus Company. 

Visits are by invitation only and can be arranged by sending us a message via the Contact section of our website. While we do not charge for tours, we do ask that visiting parties consider making a donation towards the upkeep and preservation of our vehicles.


Members of the Cambridge Omnibus Society on a recent visit to the ETCS's home, just outside Norwich.

A Visit to You

We are also able to offer tailor made talks to your group or organisation.


Interested in learning about the history of our vehicles, their ongoing restoration or the history of the Eastern Counties Omnibus Company? Then why not get in contact? 

While we do not charge for these talks, we do ask that travel costs are covered and that groups consider making a donation towards the upkeep and preservation of our vehicles. 


A selection of artefacts relating to the Eastern Counties Omnibus Company.

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