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Our Vehicles

The Eastern Transport Collection owns a number of vehicles formerly operated by the Eastern Counties Omnibus Company Ltd and its subsidiaries. The vehicles are kept on the outskirts of Norwich and are in various states of restoration, some being fully restored while others are in the same condition as they were when withdrawn from service. 


All of our buses have Bristol chassis and Lowestoft built ECW bodywork. The oldest of these vehicles dates from 1950, with the newest being manufactured in 1979.


Our unique collection of vehicles span a 50 year history of bus operation in East Anglia as well as helping to tell the story of local and national bus manufacture. 

For up to date information regarding the restoration and upkeep of our vehicles, please check out our Facebook Page which is updated regularly.

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253C  LL718 KNG718  Cromer.jpg
KNG 718 - LL 718


Type: Bristol LL5G

Built: 1950

Engine: Gardner 5LW

Chassis No. 81176

Body No. 4656

Entered Service: October 1950

Date Withdrawn:January 1968

Acquired for Preservation: March 1977

Current Status: Awaiting further Extensive Restoration

ETCS 2 - LL 718 on the 02.09.17. COPYRIG
HPW 108 - LKH 108


Type: Bristol K5G

Built: 1949

Engine: Gardner 5LW

Chassis No. 72089

Body No. 2871

Entered Service: February 1949

Date Withdrawn: December 1968

Acquired for Preservation: August 1974 / April 2024

Current Status: Stored, awaiting restoration

94  Purchased for ETC  29.04.24  Photo by Daniel Peart.jpg
E578B  LKH341  NAH341   Photo by Maurice Doggett.jpg
NAH 941 - LKH 341


Type: Bristol KSW5G

Built: 1952

Engine: Gardner 5LW

Chassis No. 92116

Body No. 6056

Entered Service: August 1952

Date Withdrawn: September 1971

Acquired for Preservation: July 1976

Current Status: Undergoing Extensive Restoration

OVF 229 - LKD 229


Type: Bristol LD5G

Built: 1954

Engine: Gardner 5LW

Chassis No. 100123

Body No. 6737

Entered Service: November 1954

Date Withdrawn: December 1971

Acquired for Preservation: December 1971

Current Status: Undergoing mechanical repairs.

2  Cambridge.jpg
152  LS789 Cromer 13.06.66.JPG
5789 AH - LS 789


Type: Bristol MW5G

Built: 1959

Engine: Gardner 5HLW

Chassis No. 139276

Body No. 11290

Entered Service: May 1959

Date Withdrawn: November 1976

Acquired for Preservation: May 1978

Current Status: Fully Restored and Operational

272  Rushmere trip 2nd run  ITM 50s Even
KVF 658E - RS 658


Type: Bristol RESL6G

Built: 1967

Engine: Gardner 6HLW

Chassis No. RESL1/118

Body No. 16350

Entered Service: June 1967

Date Withdrawn: December 1981

Acquired for Preservation: May 1982

Current Status: Undergoing mechanical repairs

51 04.02.17.JPG
176A  LH537  Lings Cliffe  13.01.79  Photo by Brendan Fox.jpg
HAH 537L - LH 537


Type: Bristol LH6P

Built: 1972

Engine: Perkins H6.354

Chassis No. LH-651

Body No. 19631

Entered Service: November 1972

Date Withdrawn: September 1981

Acquired for Preservation: October 2022

Current Status: Undergoing Restoration

JNG 50N - OT 353


Type: Bristol VRTSL6G

Built: 1975

Engine: Gardner 6LXB

Chassis No. VRT/SL2/1077

Body No. 21058

Entered Service: May 1975

Date Withdrawn: January 1997

Acquired for Preservation: March 2024

Current Status: Fully Restored and Operational

249  OT353   Lord Mayors Proccession 07.91  Photo by Bernard Watkin copy.JPG
582  CVF31T.jpg
CVF 31T - VR 320


Type: Bristol VRTSL6G

Built: 1979

Engine: Gardner 6LXB

Chassis No. VRT/SL2/1693

Body No. 11290

Entered Service: September 1996

Date Withdrawn: June 1999

Acquired for Preservation: April 2010

Current Status: As withdrawn, awaiting restoration.

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